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Why Desi ChalChitra?

A Multi-set Film Shooting Studio in Delhi to meet all your Production Demands!

Are you looking for a quiet film studio space in your city, Delhi, to have an exciting shooting experience with your crew? Well then, you’ve reached the right place!

Welcome to DCC Studio, the Multi-set Film Shooting Studio in Delhi designed for maximizing the variety of your production needs!

Bahot so liye lockdown me, ab shoot hoga aapke town mein!

Looking for a great-quality Film Shooting Studio in Delhi where you can fulfil all of your shoot needs?

Dilli se hai na hum! Sone ka dil hai humara!! So our Film Shooting Studio in Delhi is here to your rescue.

Desi ChalChitra has come up with its own fully-customisable Film Shooting Studio in Delhi and that too, all under one roof! Moreover, our sets are environment-friendly as everything is made with recycled material. We are MahaVastu Certified, (with so many positive vibes, apki success toh maano naki!). Give your shots an extra edge with artistically designed interiors. Additionally, all the Studios are fully air-conditioned.

Film Shooting Studio

This Film Shooting Studio in Delhi is the place for photographers or videographers to shoot their next fashion photography, music video, headshots, product photography, commercials, short films, youtube videos, short reels and much more.

This Film Shooting Studio in Delhi appears exactly as you would imagine it should. This space is perfect for filming, workshops, yoga, film screening, production office, brainstorming sessions, table read, VR room, small dinner and anything in between – let your imagination be your guide! All of the furniture is moveable and flexible at our Film Shooting Studio in Delhi. You can fit up to 120 individuals depending on the layout you choose. 

This Film Shooting Studio in Delhi is a warehouse that has multiple standing sets like Classroom, Courtroom, 2BHK Flat, Corporate office, and whatnot! 

Our Film Shooting Studio in Delhi is equipped with a variety of vintage and industrial props. A creative space for creative people offering affordable rates and flexible working hours.

We happen to work in the video production business, so we understand first-hand how difficult it can be to find good, reliable locations.

As your host, we will tailor the space rental as you desire; we can simply rent the space at a price per hour or we can offer to fully staff for your event. We believe that each event is unique and customizable; the company contracts to be delivered upon reservation.

Crew access- Elevator, Stairs

Equipment Access- Goods Lift


All efforts to provide a sanitized area will be made, we cannot be held responsible for the health of those who use the space or potentially become ill thereafter. Please use all caution to protect oneself from unwanted illness and be mindful of social distancing while in the shoot spaces.

  • Sweep, mop, vacuum and clean the space
  • Supply a hand washing station with soap, warm water, and paper towels or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
  • Clean common areas allowing guest access including bathrooms, kitchens, and entrances
  • Collect and clean dishes, silverware, and other provided amenities, if applicable
  • Remove garbage and add new lining to cans
  • Space out bookings to allow for enhanced cleaning
  • Follow Government guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting the space between every booking
  • Disinfect high touch surfaces and shared amenities such as light switches, door knobs and coffee machines with EPA-approved products
  • Schedule a licensed professional cleaner to come between bookings
  • We recommend wearing Mask all the time.

Guests are advised to maintain physical distance, wear a mask and wash hands frequently for their health.

We reserve the right to end your booking at anytime and/or pursue extra charges if any rules are breached.

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