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Hospital With 10 Beds

Aapko Dawa-dua Nahi, Desi ChalChitra Hospital Setup Ki Zarurat Hai!

Hospital With 10 Bed's

“Kya hua Bhaiya Ji? Shoot poora khatam nahi kar paaye? Papa ko proud feel karana chahte the na? Sirf ek dhanka, real-looking, shaanti bhara, Hospital Setup rent pe le lete toh Family ko proud hota (tsk tsk tsk). Bhaiya Ji, you should’ve checked rented Desi ChalChitra Hospital Setup!”

Finding a suitable Hospital Setup for your movie, music videos, sketches, web series, TV show, advertisement, photo shoots, or any form of recorded visual isn’t at all an easy task in the competitive times of today. In almost every crime, chor-police, detective, or action-type movie, there is at least one courtroom, one police station, and one Hospital scene. Aur kyunki Anand toh shaanti bhare Setup pe hi shoot karne ka hai, haina? Don’t worry, because we have built it right here, in Delhi, the Desi ChalChitra Hospital Setup.

Even if your line producer finds a great Hospital Setup nearby, there’s no guarantee of enough Hospital-related props and materials for the Background Setup. Furthermore, if it’s a real hospital, it would not only be expensive, but you could not be sure of a peaceful shoot. “Aur abhi hum ne lights, types of equipment, room space or distance ki toh baat hi shuru nahi ki!”

Now, imagine a Hospital Setup, right in Delhi, which is next to real, just made for the Shooting purpose. Desi ChalChitra Hospital Setup is here to serve the Directors, Artists, and Filmmakers, to record their desired Hospital Sequence, with a peaceful space, adjustable lights, and all the necessary equipments, right inside a Cinephile Ambiance of Desi ChalChitra Studios.

Moreover, you do need to travel faraway for the other Setups, like Jail, Police Station and Courtroom! You’ll get it all right here, inside the Desi ChalChitra Studios.

What more? Just ask for it! Let your mind be at ease inside this Hospital Setup. Why? With the adjustable lights, moving walls, and everything customisable, your Production and Art Designers wouldn’t thank you enough for letting their imagination be put to reality with all that’s available within this Hospital Studio Setup. 

So, what are you thinking about? Charges? Add-ons? Spot? Guards? More?

Just drop us an enquiry right away!

  • 10 hospital beds
  • 10 blue bedsheets 
  • 10 white bedsheets
  • 10 pillows
  • 2 separators
  • 8 green separator sheet
  • 20 hospital banners
  • 5 IV stands
  • 5 side tables
  • 20 glucose bottles


our set(S) in use


All efforts to provide a sanitized area will be made, we cannot be held responsible for the health of those who use the space or potentially become ill thereafter. Please use all caution to protect oneself from unwanted illness and be mindful of social distancing while in the shoot spaces.

  • Sweep, mop, vacuum and cleaning the space
  • Supply a hand washing station with soap, warm water, and paper towels or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
  • Clean common areas allowing guest access including bathrooms, kitchens, and entrances
  • Collect and clean dishes, silverware, and other provided amenities, if applicable
  • Remove garbage and add new lining to cans
  • Space out bookings to allow for enhanced cleaning
  • Follow Government guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting the space between every booking
  • Disinfect high touch surfaces and shared amenities such as light switches, door knobs and coffee machines with EPA-approved products
  • Schedule a licensed professional cleaner to come between bookings

Guests are advised to maintain physical distance, wear a mask and wash hands frequently for their health.

We reserve the right to end your booking at anytime and/or pursue extra charges if any rules are breached.

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