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Classroom Setup

Desi ChalChitra ka Classroom Setup will provide you with the nostalgic vibe while shooting those classroom scenes. Now do not look for the whole institute for your classroom shots. Instead just rent for a 22 ft X 20 ft Classroom Setup with the same effect as the original!

Desi ChalChitra ka Classroom Setup has white board with markers and duster, 20 benches with seating capacity of 40 to 60 students and windows to help you distract from your boring lectures. We have taken care of minute detailing as well with bookshelves in the corner, lecture stand with chair, pile of books, notice board, posters and a door- kyuki dramatic entry toh banti hai boss!

In this Desi ChalChitra ka classroom Setup let your creativity soar along with perfect shots in your desired lighting. How? You can get natural daylight from the windows or adjust the warm or cool lighting with the movable LED lights and lighting grid. From falling in love with your teacher or shooting your college romance, your stop is Desi ChalChitra ka Classroom Setup.

Aur wo tution ya coaching wala pyar kese bhool sakte hai? You can easily redesign it into a coaching centre with our flex boards and study materials. You name it and we’ve got it for you at this Classroom Setup.

This classroom Setup has:

  • 20 Benches
  • Green Board/White Board
  • Chalk and Duster
  • White Board Markers
  • Teacher’ Table
  • Air Conditioner
  • 2 Windows
  • 2 Fans
  • LED Lights (both warm and cool)
  • Curtains
  • Windows
  • Chair + Lecture Stand
  • Books 
  • Charging Slot
  • Notice Board
  • Posters and Charts
  • Book Shelves
  • Flex Boards
  • Globe
  • Wall Map / Hang Map

Mann nahi bhara na? Aur bhi kuch chahiye? So demanding you are! 

Move the walls in the classroom to suit your creative requirements and get an air conditioned, personalised, spacious Classroom Setup in Delhi for your next masti ki pathshala!

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