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Lights! Camera! Action!!!

It’s the passion for films, zeal to create, and heart to give back, that has evolved into a ‘one of its kind’ space: Desi ChalChitra Studio Sets in Delhi, India. This multi studio-set is fully customisable, air-conditioned and eco-friendly (everything here is recycled, refurbished, repurposed and reused). With a passionate team of youths, a bridge between Bollywood Classics to Modern-day Web Series–this Studio Set vibes friendliness and positivity, and Modern ‘Desi,’ as it is MahaVastu Certified.

Don’t believe us? Then come and take a tour to our multi-set studio:

Studio Sets:

Mehfil-Event Space– Aaj Dil Shayarana Lagta Hai

Roof Cafe Setup– Kahin Ghoom Ke Aaye Hum

Bar/Lounge Setup– Tera Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar Hookah Bar

Home Setup– Kahani Ghar Ghar ke

Open Plan Office Setup– Mussaddilal Ka Office-Office

Courtroom Setup– Ek Ruka Hua Faisla

Jail And Police Station Setup– Salaakhein Jo Rihaa Karde

Makeup Room Setup– Sawaar Loon

Classroom Setup– Masti Ki Paathshala

Bazaar Setup– Chal Chal Bhosale Market Chal

Storage Setup– Mann Jave Mainu Shopping Kara De

Smoking Zone– Cigarette Ke Dhue Ka Challa Bana ke 

Hospital Setup- Aapko Dawa-Dua Nahi, Desi ChalChitra Hospital Setup Ki Zarurat Hai

Shop Setup– Mann Jave Mainu Shopping Kara De

Staff Room Setup- Par, Copies Toh Staffroom Mai Haina

Salon Setup- Ye Sirf Salon Setup Nahi, Subtle Jannat Hai

Tailor Shop

Ice Cream Parlour

Bank Setup

Massage Parlour


Be it about creating memories or movies, find all of it under a reliable location with hospitable in-house facilities (industry props, vintage items, and other supplies), affordable rates, staff, and flexible hours. We believe that each event is unique and customizable, just like our Studio Sets.

Concludingly, if you are looking for a space for your creative, professional, and personal gatherings, production, shoots or events, Desi ChalChitra Studio is the perfect solution for you. GF/BF space de naa de–Desi ChalChitra Studio is here for your rescue.

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